Where to buy African American wigs?

Why African American wigs is so hot? Maybe because of the 1000s of advertisements that went out of their way to show White features as something of beauty and Black features as something to be ashamed of. Even because trying to make your hair look White Monday through Friday – just to goto work – is very damaging to the hair. Many black women have hair damage, and a wig hides the damage. Many black women like to change up their styles-so they wear african american human hair wigs or weaves so that they have flexibility in their look. Some of us just like the way they look. And others wear weave and natural hair because we like the way that looks. Black women are a largely diverse group of people, and it’s hard to answer a question like this without glossing over many people’s varied experiences.


Where to buy it?
The African American wigs are manufactured by the well-known brands. You can use these wigs to style your hair in any kind of way whether it’s straight or curls. These types of wigs are reminiscent and you would have seen that many actresses and singers have worn them.

Motown Tress: Considered a top leader in black women’s wigs, Motown Tress offers over 400 wig styles in 200 colors. They focus on fashion and technology in both their synthetic and human hair wigs.

Vivica Fox Wigs: This company, previously known as Beverly Johnson, carries human and synthetic wigs as well as handmade wigs, lace front wigs and extensions.

Uniwigs: This is a new but high quality wigs brand. All their wigs are 100% hand-tied and made from virgin remy human hair. And the price is not so high than those older brands.

Sassy Secret: This brand offers handmade human hair and synthetic wigs. They specilialize in lace wigs and offer free instructions and wig caps with your order.

It’s a Wig: This popular wig brand offers styles that range from natural and curly to funky club looks to more mature and sleek looks. Different lace styles are available, as well as half wigs.


African American Human Hair Wigs Halloween Sale



Uniwigs special make a collection of African American Wigs for the Halloween Sale. MAYBE girls prefer to choose a synthetic wig to style their Halloween LOOKS, but you maybe don’t know that, only human hair wigs can be restyles and DYE, also it looks much nature and can be wear many times. Actually, if you take care of it carefully, it can last for half or one year.

You can just click the picture I give you to find all the amazing hand-made remy human hair wigs, various color tones and curl patterns can be chosen. Don’t forget to use the coupon code “HHW20” to save your money!

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The best hair weave extension for Africian Americian hair

Hair weave extensions come in many styles and types, and the hairstyle’s increasing popularity among celebrities like Tyra Banks and Beyonce make it a must-have hair trend. Hair weave extensions are made from synthetic, 100 human hair and protein fiber hair. The best hair weave extensions for African American hair can be easily attached to the hair. Premium quality weave extensions have a natural look, don’t easily shed or tangle and give the wearer extended use.



Yaki Human Hair Weave Extensions.
Yaki or Yaky human hair weaves have grades or textures designed for African American Wigs. Yaki human hair looks just like African-American relaxed hair and this gives it a natural appearance. The texture can be slightly rough or silky and soft. Sensationnel Remi Goddess Yaki Weave in Grade 5 hair has a naturally shiny relaxed look and lasts long. You can wear the hair straight or use curling irons to get a curly look.

Remi Human Hair Weave Extensions.
A Remi or Remy weave extension is human hair that has the hair cuticle attached to the shaft of the hair. The hair is soft and does not easily tangle and offers the wearer extended use. Outre Velvet Remi Yaki Weave hair has a silky Yaki texture and looks just like relaxed hair. The hair is silky, soft, lustrous and lasts long. It comes in six lengths from 8″ to 18″ long. Since it is human hair it can also be styled with a curling iron.

Virgin Cuticle Human Hair Weave Extensions.
Virgin cuticle hair extensions is made of human hair that is unprocessed, meaning no chemicals were applied to the hair. This hair can undergo processing and can be dyed, tinted or permed into any curl type and even bleached. The hair is durable, shiny and lustrous. The Beverly Johnson Celebrity Virgin Cuticle Hair Extension line offers Yaki or Silky textured unprocessed cuticle human hair which is made especially for African American human hair wigs.

Protein Hair Weave Extensions.
Protein fiber hair is not synthetic hair or human hair, but it looks and feels just like human hair. Sensationnel Pro-10 hair weave extensions, also known as Brandy hair, is a protein fiber weave extension made especially for African American women. It is made from collagen protein fibers and can be styled just like human hair. It also lasts long, is tangle free and has a natural texture and is easy to wear and maintain.

Outre Batik Synthetic Hair Weave Extensions.
Outre Batik offers many synthetic weave extensions in various lengths, colors and styles. The hair looks and feels like human hair, is tangle-free and lasts long with proper care.

Sensationnel Synthetic Weave Extensions.
Sensationnel synthetic hair weave extensions come in a variety of styles, lengths and colors. This type of hair is tangle free, non- shedding and can be used for a long time.

Freetress Synthetic Weave Extensions.
Freetress synthetic weave extensions hair fiber looks and feels just like human hair and gives the wearer extended use when the hair is properly cared for. Freetress weaves come in a wide variety of styles, lengths and colors

Make a Hand-tied Weft Using Hair Bulk

Hair extensions are used to add length to short hair, volume to flat hair and a whole different look to dull hair. Unfortunately, many women know all too well that with beautiful hair extensions comes a large price tag. One of the most expensive aspects of hair extensions are purchasing the wefts, or hair tracks. The hair–real human hair or synthetic–is woven around a long string of fishing line that can be cut into smaller sections, then sewn, glued or bonded into the hair. Instead, you can purchase hair bulk online or at beauty supply stores and make your own wefts.

1. Tie three fishing line strings from one leg to the other on the bar stool. Tie the three lines into double knots to secure the lines. Once you become good at this, you can wrap the fishing line around all four legs to make a much larger weft.
2. Pull apart some of the hair from the hair bulk. Pinch a tiny section of hair; the hair should be about 1/8 inch in width.
3. Cut the ends of the hair strand if you want a blunt look. You can you leave the
4. Separate the fishing lines so there is about 1/2 inch to 1 inch between each one.
5. Hold the hair strand in your non-dominant hand under the first (bottom) string. With your dominant hand, pull the hair strand up the bottom string, passing over the middle string and then folded down over the third (top) string.
6. Loop the hair over the top string once again.
7. Pull the hair down, passing over the middle string and loop around the bottom string. Pull the hair back up, crossing over the middle string and loop around the top string
8. Pass the hair in between the middle string and the bottom string.
9. Tug on both ends of the hair–loosely–so that both ends are even. When the hair ends are even, pull on the hair ends very tightly to keep it in place.
10. Slide the hair all the way to the left of the strings. Separate another small piece of hair
11. Repeat Steps 6 to 10 with the second strand of hair.
12. Pull this second section of hair very tightly when finished. Slide this section of hair all the way over the left, next to the first section of hair. This time–and every time after–pull the very last strand of hair up, slide the second section right next to the first strand. Then let the strand fall down. This will make the strand fall in between the two strands of hair from the second section, creating an even look.
13. Repeat these steps until the entire weft has been created. Unite the strings from the legs of the bar stool. Tie the strings on either side of the weft into double knots. Cut the excess strings from the weft.

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About Lace Frontal & Ponytail Hairpieces

Product Name: Lace Frontal
Hair Texture: 100% Remy Hair
Hair Length: 12 inch
Hair Color: 48#
Hair Style: Straight
Lace Color: Light Brown
Lace Frontal Size: 12inch X 2inch



Lace frontal piece is made of 100% remy hair. Lace frontal is applied to the frontal hairline area, for a natural undetectable look, it can be parted anywhere and gives the look of real growing hair, the specifications are as below:
1.Hair quality: 100% Indian Remy hair, 100% Chinese Remy Hair, 100% Mongolian Remy Hair, etc.
2.Lace frontal size ranges from 2 inch to 6 inch and we can do it according to customer’s request.
3.Hair length: ranges from 10 inch to 30 inch, the most popular lengths are from 16 inch to 24 inch.
4.Hair color: we have more than 20 conventional colors and can also dye more colors according to customer’s color rings.
5.Hair style: straight, body wave, deep wave, and water wave etc.
6.Density: light density, medium density, heavy density, usually 100%-120% density.



Product Name : ponytail hair piece
Hair Texture : synthetic hair or human hair
Hair Color : any color is available
Hair Length : 6″-36″

Ponytail Hairpieces can add length, fullness color and highlights to your hair easily with a ponytail hairpiece addition. They attach in just minutes, giving you an instant new look that will leave them wondering how you did it
1. Hair quality: synthetic or human hair
2. Hair length :any length is available
3. Hair style: Straight,BW(body wave),DW(deep wave),WW(water wave),ect
4. Hair colors: We have more than 20 conventional colors, and can also dye more colors according to customer’s color rings

— from Uniwigs.com

Hair Density & Volume For Lace Wig

Your lace wig’s hair style is determined by hair density, color texture and cut. Hair density refers to how much hair is sewn on a wig cap to create thickness and fullness. To create a fuller densitylace wig, more hair is used and more strands of hair are knotted in each hole. Lighter density lace wigs use less hair and less strands of hair are knotted in each hole.

Medium density is the average choice (100%-130%) and suitable for most women. It is the most popular density requested for lace wigs.  Lace wigs are typically made with a lighter density at the front hairline and gradually increases thickness throughout the rest of the wig. It is advised to have more hair than less because it can always be thinned out. Medium density hair also accommodates normal shedding from daily grooming. Wigs with density less than 80%  are not recommended because they need to be repaired more quickly.

hair density

hair density

The perception of density is determined by the type of hair used, texture and how it is styled. For example curly hair creates the illusion of volume and fullness. Curly, wavy and kinky textured hair expands when combed out. Very straight hair textures have less volume and fullness. Therefore, two wigs with the same exact hair density will have different looks in volume based on the hair style and texture. Hair spray, highlights and layered a hair cut also adds volume to hair.

Resource: chinabestwigsblog.com

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How To Buy Human Hair Wig?

When looking to purchase a wig, consider its use and function in your life. The best quality wigs are made from human hair and require similar care, styling and attention to your own hair. When treated properly on a continued basis, they will survive a lifetime. Purchasing a human hair wig requires narrowing down several options and finding a dealer with whom you are comfortable.

Curly Remy Human Hair Glueless Full Lace Wig

Curly Remy Human Hair Glueless Full Lace Wig

1.Seek out financial help if you are eligible. If you are needing a wig for a medical reason, such as a result of chemotherapy or alopecia, you might be able to secure some or all of your funds from outside sources. Often, insurance companies will cover a partial or complete cost of a wig if prescribed by a doctor. Additionally, several support groups offer loans to individuals needing to purchase wigs. Human hair wigs are some of the finest quality wigs and are therefore expensive. If you are able to receive assistance with your purchase, take advantage of it.
2 .Start with a wig catalog, some of which can be found online. Wig catalogs can help you understand the criteria of what you require (sizing, types of hair used, care information, accessories). They will also show you what’s available as far as colors, styles and lengths and the attributes associated with human hair wigs, such as styling, treatment and advantages.
3 .Visit a store to try wigs on and see if they fit. Try on several styles and fits and see what is comfortable and what looks good on you. Wig shops have both artificial and human hair wigs available. Ask a salesperson before you reach to try on a wig and use the salesperson to answer any questions you may have.
4 .Compare prices of several sellers once you have made a selection. Research prices in catalogs and online by searching the style name and manufacturer of your selected choice.
5 .Confirm any warranties and return policies once you’ve decided where to purchase the wig. As with many haircuts, it may take some time before it sinks in whether or not you really like it. Look for return policies within a period of time that you are comfortable with.
6 .Check the store’s credibility before buying. Check for any online references that may indicate a customer’s bad experience with a wig store. In addition, contact the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been made against the company.

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How To Choose The Best Beyonce Wigs?

Front lace wigs have become extremely popular, and are often referred to as Beyonce wigs, because she wears them so frequently and looks so great in them. A front lace wig is a hairpiece that looks more realistic than a traditional wig, because it is attached along the front hairline with adhesive, allowing the hair to be styled pulled away from the face, giving a very natural look to the hairline.
When shopping for a front lace wig that will give you the Beyonce wig look, you will want to choose a high quality hairpiece. These are referred to as being made from Remy hair, which means human hair that has been treated with care so that the hair is attached to the wig in the same direction that it originally grew. This gives a very natural look to the wig.

Beyonce Wave Virgin Remy Human Hair Lace Wig

Beyonce Wave Virgin Remy Human Hair Lace Wig

When choosing a front lace wig, you will want to give some thought to how you want to style your hair. A Beyonce wig can be worn pulled away from the face, revealing a natural looking hairline. However, if you want the full flexibility of being able to style your hair in a high ponytail, you will need a full lace wig, so that the hairline looks realistic around the side and back hairline as well. By matching the type of hairpiece to your styling needs, you will choose one that will look more natural on you.
Another thing to consider when buying a Beyonce wig is how the hair is connected to the mesh cap. Hair that is individually hand-tied will allow the most flexible styling options, and will allow you to part the front lace wig wherever you want, and the hairpiece will still look natural. Less expensive wigs might have the hair attached by machine, or might be a combination of hand-tied and machine-tied hair.

Rihanna Yaki Straight Virgin Remy Human Hair Lace Wig

Rihanna Yaki Straight Virgin Remy Human Hair Lace Wig

When choosing a Beyonce wig, remember that this type of wig used to be used mainly by stars and the entertainment industry because of the care needed to apply and take off the hairpiece. A front lace wig can look very realistic, but it can take some care and practice to learn how to properly apply the wig. You need to take care so that you not only have a natural appearance, but also maintain the quality of the wig without damaging it.

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Afro textured hair for Afro wigs

Afro-textured hair is a term used to refer to the natural texture of Black African hair that has not been altered by hot combs, flat irons, or chemicals (through perming, relaxing, or straightening).
Each strand of this hair type grows in a tiny spring-like, helix shape. The overall effect is such that, despite relatively fewer actual hair shafts compared to straight hair, this texture appears (and feels) denser than its straight counterparts. For several reasons, possibly including its relatively flat cross section (among other factors), this hair type also conveys a dry or matte appearance. Its unique shape also renders it very prone to breakage when combed or brushed. The members of many post-Columbian Western societies have typically used adjectives such as “kinky”, “nappy”, or “spiralled” to describe natural afro-textured hair. More recently, however, it has become common (in some circles) to apply numerical grading systems to human hair types. One particularly popular version of these systems describes afro-hair as being ‘type 4′ (as opposed to the straight type 1, wavy type 2 and curly type 3); with the subcategory of type 4C being the most exemplary of the afro texture. But, it should also be said that afro-textured hair is difficult to categorize because of the many different variations it has from person to person. Those variations include pattern (coils, springs, zig zags, s-curves), pattern size (watch spring to chalk), density (sparse to dense), strand diameter (fine, medium, wide) and feel (cottony, wooly, spongy).

Loose Curl Remy Human Hair Silk Top Glueless Full Lace Wig

Loose Curl Remy Human Hair Silk Top Glueless Full Lace Wig

Afro-textured hair is sometimes referred to as “kinky hair” or “nappy hair”, as well as “coarse”, “woolly” or “thick” though these may be considered by some to be pejorative terms.It is also sometimes described as “coily”, “kinky-coily”, or “kinky-curly”.In some English-speaking countries, because this hair-type is often straightened with chemical relaxers, unaltered Afro-textured hair is referred to as “natural hair”.
Afro-textured hair may have initially evolved because of an adaptive need (amongst humanity’s hominid ancestors) for protection against the intense UV radiation of Africa. Subsequently (and/or additionally), because the relatively sparse density of Afro-hair, combined with its elastic helix shape, results in an airy effect, the resulting increased circulation of cool air onto the scalp may have served to facilitate our hominid ancestors’ body-temperature-regulation while they lived in the open savannah.Further, Afro-hair does not respond as easily to moisture/sweat as straight hair. Thus, instead of sticking to the neck and scalp when wet (as do straighter textures), unless totally drenched, it tends to retain its basic springy puffiness, if it is combed.[citation needed] In this sense, in addition to the above-listed causes, the trait may have also been retained/preferred among many equatorial human groups because of its contribution to enhanced comfort levels under warm conditions. Finally, sexual selection based on visual and/or tactile socio-aesthetics may have also and/or further contributed to this trait’s ubiquity in certain regions.

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